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A very dangerous substance known as GHB is showing up among young athletes in high schools and colleges. It is best known as the date rape drug but has taken on a strong appeal to athletes because it does not show up in tests like other performance enhancing drugs. It is also seen among senior citizens because it is said to be anti ageing. It was readily available in health food stores and gyms where it was marketed as a legal alternative to steroids. It has been called a magical elixir that promises to build muscles and enhance performance, but they have not been told what it does to their brain.

Once addicted, even with a doctor's help, withdrawal can be deadly. It is said it is worse getting off than heroin and needs to be done with medical intervention early on. School officials, coaches and counselors need to be aware of the existence of these substances distributed under many different names such as: Blue Nitro, Renewfrient, Remforce, Enliven, Serenity, Revitalize Plus, Dream On and countless others.

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