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February 2010

Drug Screening.org

February is National Drug Education/Prevention Week

Check out these resources:

1--In March, Drug Free Moore County will host a Town Hall meeting on March 29 at 5:30 (watch listings for location) on Underage Drinking.

2--Call the office to inquire about a new prescription drug abuse prevention workshop for teens, parents, and ‘teen influencers’ called Maximizing Your Role as a Teen Influencer: What you can do to help prevent teen Rx drug abuse. It is another good program designed to influence teens regarding the increasing Rx drug abuse. The guide is well done and has a media presentation for use in delivery. Call the DFMC office for information at 910-947-1902 or visit the national program site: http://www.talkaboutrx.org/

3-- Moore County has a new Prevention Task Force that meets monthly to share information on trends and strategies. For more information call FirstHealth Community Health Services at (910) 715-3487 or Fax: (910) 715-5054.



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If you have specific questions about Moore County please feel free to contact the Drug Free Moore County Office at 947-1902.

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