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February 2011

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Underage Drinking is a Concern in Moore County

The County of Moore receives $871,000 a year from retail alcohol sales in the state-controlled system. These funds go towards

Law Enforcement (Sheriff's Office) receives approx, $147,000, The Boys and Girls Club, Friend to Friend, Day Reporting, towns, and alcohol treatment. The State of NC received $2,335,826 from Moore Co. sales last year. The total of all of these distributions that the Moore County ABC Board gave last fiscal year alone was $2,997,337.54.

The Moore Co. ABC is the SECOND leading in retail sales from over 163 local ABC boards in North Carolina, therefore the benefit of these sales goes to our youth, police, towns and treatment providers. Our state is fortunate to have a high level of revenue generated by these sales and yet is 48th in the country in terms of alcohol consumption.

We do not want to create an environment where underage drinking is increased by the widespread availability of alcohol outlets with cheap prices. Other risks include family violence, driving while intoxicated, and other health and safety problems that cost the community dearly. Alcohol is the second leading contributor to cancer (1st is tobacco & 3rd is obesity). Research has long confirmed that alcohol kills more teens than all other drugs combined, and it is the 3rd leading preventable cause of death in the U.S.

More than 1,700 college students in the U.S. are killed each year (about five a day) as a result of alcohol-related injuries. The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration says that 18 percent of all highway fatalities tested for drugs test positive for both illicit and legally prescribed drugs, in addition to the alcohol data; the Moore County lifetime alcohol use rate for high school seniors is 80 percent.

Currently, Governor Purdue is supporting the continuation of a state run control system for alcohol sales through local ABC stores. She became knowledgeable about the high cost of selling off this system to the private sector and the loss of state and local revenues, in addition to the risk of increasing underage drinking and other alcohol problems that come with greater consumption.

To learn more about this, call
Drug Free Moore County for statistics and information at 910-947-1902.

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