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July 2009

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Positive Youth!

Kids are on vacation now and will spend their time at work, volunteer sites, and helping at home. Celebrations are a part of life.
Ensure a safe summer on birthdays, July 4, and vacations, especially on the roads.
Good ideas for working with youth:

  • Use music, activity, and involvement every 10 minutes of the program so young people are moving and interacting. Keep it fast paced.
  • Include 2 youth on any planning groups, committees, or work sessions; plan with them not for them.
  • Text messages reach out best (93% of text messages are answered in 1 minute).
  • Social Branding techniques are now used to sell products through lifestyle identification-a very potent form of advertising.
  • Point out "what are they trying to get you to do that is bad for you?"
  • Talk it up and Lock it up (alcoholic beverages and prescription drugs).
  • Listening is the 1st step of communication; open the door; don't lock 'em out.
  • Embody the message: You're important-we gotta' have you!


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