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June 2007

Drug Screening.org

Communities across the country are focused on underage use of alcohol and other illicit drug use.

  • Alcohol is one of the most common contributors to injury, death and criminal behavior among young people.

  • Early onset of alcohol use increases the risk for chronic alcohol addiction

  • The costs of underage alcohol use are staggering due to traffic accidents, crime, fetal alcohol poisoning, suicides and more

One school in Moore county had an incident following the prom. A party was held at a home where the parents allowed alcohol to be served. The police raided the party and were issuing tickets to the students and the parents. One student called her father who was an attorney. A few minutes later the police received a call to void the citations and leave the party. Do you think that these students were well served by this action?

April's link for families to use in getting help in dealing with the use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs in the Moore County area.


If you have specific questions about Moore County please feel free to contact the Drug Free Moore County Office at 947-1902.


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