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May 2009

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Parents and Proms

Spring is the season for graduation activities and celebrations. If you haven't yet had a drinking and drug use conversation with your teen by now, as a parent, it is really critical that you have it now. Sensitive as it may be, it may save a life. Acknowledge that prom night is just as stressful for parents as for their sons and daughters. These prevention tips will get you thinking; preparation may help ensure a safe, worry-free evening.

  • What is your child's plan for the evening? Ask for more details.
  • Get involved with the school and other parents to plan the prom activities.
  • Where are all those hot spot locations and destinations?
  • Do an inventory of the alcoholic beverages in your home.
  • Who is driving? If using a service, ensure that the policy is no alcohol in the vehicle.
  • Know the prom rules for your school and discuss with your child, discuss the consequences for violations. No Tolerance for drinking and drug use - that is key.
  • Remind them of proper seatbelt use.
  • Parents are enabling dangerous behaviors by renting hotel rooms for prom-goers.
  • Initiate and maintain communication with parents, guardians, neighbors, and school officials (keep a card with cell phone numbers).
  • Do not go to bed until everyone returns home safely.

Should young people violate the trust of parents, ensure that they understand that they can call you to pick them up - no matter what. Discuss what happened the next day when everyone is sober and clear-eyed. It is likely that kids won’t do anything on prom night that they aren't doing already, but it is a time for doing things they have never done previously. Remember what you did at that age?

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